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Can I send my photo albums to you as is?

Yes, we will scan your photos contained within your albums and maintain the exact same organization that you had prior to sending them to us. That's right - your photos within your albums will be scanned in order and returned to you without you losing your organization. We understand the need for meticulous care in scanning these often old albums and that's why we charge a $19.95 Album Scanning Fee for every album whose photos we scan.

What if I need my order processed quickly?

No problem. Just let us know using the special instructions, or give us a call. We will process your order quickly and return it to you. Make sure to specify the date you need your order returned and we'll try to accomodate you as much as possible. You can always select our 5 business day Rush Service to ensure your order gets done in time.

What if I have special handling instructions for you?

We welcome special instructions. You can tell us by simply entering the special instructions on the estimation form on the site when you place your order. Or, if you prefer, you can simply call us and we will make sure those instructions are followed by our technicians. Finally, you can use our support email to tell what you would like us to do. Note that for simple instructions, we usually can accommodate them at no extra charge. But, for instructions that go above & beyond & require significant extra labor, we may need to discuss a fair & modest extra service fee if we are to perform the service.

What Type of Scanner does GoPhoto Use?

GoPhoto uses the most technologically advanced scanners. When processing photos, we hand scan each photo individually using the Epson Perfection v600 Photo scanner. For negatives and slides, we use both the Nikon CoolScan 9000 utilizing Digital Ice as well as the Noritsu HS-1800. For non-standard size (much older negatives/slides), we use a Fuji SP2000. Each image is hand inspected and cleaned for dirt and dust before every scan.

Do you clean the photos before scanning?

Yes. When necessary, we use compressed air to remove dust from slides and negatives. We use special professional grade photo cleaner on printed photos in need of dust removal. In addition, our scanners use Digital ICE technology for slides and negatives to automatically remove dust and minor scratches.

I have negatives and paper photos. Which is best for scanning?

In most cases, scanning from negatives produces a higher quality result since negatives normally have not been handled as much as stored better. If possible please send us your negatives.

What is DPI? What resolution do I need?

DPI stands for dots per inch or pixels per inch. DPI represents the resolution, accuracy, sharpness and clarity of your digital picture. A higher DPI is generally associated with a higher quality image; however, if the DPI exceeds the resolution of the original media, a higher DPI can actual diminish the quality of the image. Our default scanning is performed at 600 DPI for paper photos which is more than sufficient for using your digital photos electronically and also provides the ability to reprint any photo in the same size as its original. GoPhoto’s service includes the following: high resolution scanning, Kodak Digital ICE (to remove dust and blemishes) and manual processing to crop, rotate and color correct your photos.

What format of originals do you scan?

We provide scanning for 35 mm negatives, 35 mm slides and printed paper photos up to 8" by 10". In addition, we also scan 110, 120, 126, 127 & 200 (medium) format film. Our professional quality scanning equipment allows us to scan both black and white photos and color photos. If you have other formats you want scanned, just contact us and we’ll see if we accommodate your request.

Why would I send my pictures to you instead of just scanning them myself?

Good question. While scanners are readily available, the process is more involved than most people imagine. If you want to preserve 100 pictures, it will take you:

8 hours of manually scanning – an entire Saturday!

$250 for a good scanner like the Espon 4490 (not to mention the space to put it!)

$100 for an external hard drive (image quality resolution takes up a lot of computer memory)

$700 for Adobe PhotoShop C5 software (and the knowledge of how to retouch your photos!)

We take the fuss out this project for you, make it easy to organize and share your new digital pictures, and at prices that are more reasonable than if you do it yourself.

I have single cut 35mm negatives. Can you scan them?

Yes - we can and do scan single cut negatives. In the past, photo studios sometimes cut your strips of negatives into groups of 5 which results in some single negatives. Because of the complexity of scanning a single physical negative, we are charging $.99 per image scanned and will show up on your order as a "Special Media" charge. Please note that we still use Digital ICE, crop, rotate and color correct all of your images regardless of media type.

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