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  • Original Image

    Original taken in 1975

  • Image after 35 years

    Current degradation after 35 years

  • Image after 15 years from now

    Approximate damage 15 years from now

Lasting Durability

20 years is the average life of a photo print.Even with proper care, your photos will fade over time. The color will breakdown giving the images a bleached and weathered look. There is only one way to prevent the demise of your photos. As time goes on physical photographs will continue to disintegrate. Ultimately, your originals just don’t have the longevity of a digital image. Scanning your photographs will allow you to maintain the quality of those images forever. Technology has advanced to the point where high resolution scanning and associated retouching techniques can restore those snapshots to their originally developed quality. You’ll be amazed at how good your old pictures will look.

Image: Protect offline with a DVD or a Flash Drive


You may not have looked at your photos in a long time, but how devastated would you be if they were damaged or lost forever? Your photographs are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. In the face of a natural disaster, most people would agree that the family photos are amongst the most valuable treasures they would like to keep safe. GoPhoto will host your personal online library that you can access from anywhere in the world and you will receive a CD/DVD with all of your scanned images. USB flash drives are so small and convenient that you can keep one in a safety deposit box.


Family Photo : Recapture the PastOur motto “Recapture the Past” is what we’re all about. Those old photos are your links to your past and keeping the memories of those moments from bygone times everlasting. One picture of the family’s first VW bus can’t help but bring back fond memories of summer camping trips. Sharing these pictures will recover hundreds of wonderful stories from the past. Want to create a digital presentation for Mom & Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration? The arduous task of hunting through albums for special pictures of them over the years will now be as simple as a few mouse clicks!

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