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Our White Glove service is second to none. Your GoPhoto® order automatically includes our image enhancement services using professional level technology.

We do more than just Scan Prints! Slides and Negatives too!

full album scanningAre your favorite photos in albums and slide carousels? Don’t worry, send us your album and slide carousel intact and our trained technicians will individually remove your image, scan them, and return them to the exact same page.

After each image is scanned, technicians will individually enhance each photo to ensure that your prized photographs look as good as possible. Indeed, our quality is so good, your digital photo will sometimes look better than the original!

Color Adjustment

Remember that photo that is slightly faded and lacking color? After your photo is digitized, our experienced technicians, utilizing the latest software, will color correct every image as needed.

  • before

    Before color adjustment.

  • after

    After color adjustment (results may vary).

Scratch and Dust Removal

Utilizing the Digital ICE technology, our technicians work on removing old scratches and dust from your pictures to make them look as they did on the day they were taken. Unfortunately, Digital ICE does not work on black & white film.

  • before

    Before scratch and dust removal.

  • after

    After scratch and dust removal (results may vary).

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