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Scanning photos, negatives & slides is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Step 1

Send Us Your Images.

Send us your photos, negatives, and slides. Don't worry about sorting - you can do that later online.

You can send us entire photo albums, slide carousels, and negative envelopes - we know it's hard to keep this stuff organized. And who knows what's on those slides? (You will, soon.)

Step 2

Relax. (Yes, really!)

Each image is hand-scanned in our U.S. facility. We'll even fix color issues and remove minor dust & scratches so your images look great.

So, take a long lunch, go shopping, have a nap. Your photos are in good hands.

Step 3

View, Select & Share.

We'll let you know when your scans are ready to view in your free online albums. Keep the ones you want, delete the ones you don't.

You only pay for the scans you keep.

Your scans are online and ready to share - so get to it! Your past is now preserved for the future.

Yep, it's that easy. What're you waiting for? Save your memories now!

Scan my photos now
Photo facts

Light, moisture, and temperature changes will irreversibly damage your photos, slides and negatives. Preserve your memories by converting your photos to digital.

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