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packing boxThe single most important thing you can do in the entire process is to package your pictures correctly. You can follow our best practice tips below or you can always take it to a UPS store and let the experts help you. We’ll take the same level of care when we prepare your pictures for their return trip to you.

Box it!

You’ll need to obtain a sturdy cardboard box big enough to contain all your pictures. The best kinds of boxes are those in which books, computers or small appliances are packaged in. If you don’t have these types of boxes at your home, they are readily available for purchase online or at various locations such as your local post office and UPS stores.

  • Cushion the originals Besides a hardy outside, the inside of your package also needs a little extra attention. Remember to add some cushioning around your items with materials such as scrunched newspapers, packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

  • Protect your prints If you are sending albums, it is worthwhile to wrap the albums in a few sheets of newspaper. This will prevent undue wear as they shift next to each other in transport. ZipLoc style baggies are ideal for loose photos. Because your package may be subject to variable temperatures en route, we recommend that you wrap your bundle of loose photos in either newspaper, tissue paper or even a few paper towels to prevent them from sticking to the sides of the plastic bags.

  • Got slides? For slides, you can either remove them from their carousels grouping them in baggies and small boxes, or you can ship us the carousels intact. Bubble wrap works well on the oddly shaped carousels. Negatives can be sent in their original picture pouch or portfolio binder. Alternately, you can place your negatives in regular letter sized envelopes. As with loose photos, it is a good idea to place these envelopes in re-sealable plastic bags to prevent moisture.

To Organize or Not to Organize?

One of our key philosophies at GoPhoto is keep it simple! We don’t want you to feel that you have to go to great lengths to organize your photos in preparation for shipping them to us. If you just want to load up your box with your pictures, that’s great! We’ll handle all of the organizing for you. However, if you have a certain way that you would like them organized for scanning, you can do that as well. Feel free to include specific descriptions on your albums, baggies or envelopes and your dedicated technician will follow them.

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