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Why choose GoPhoto?

Lowest Prices, highest quality U.S. Scanning.


GoPhoto at your service!
We Employ US Workers

U.S. Scanning

Advanced scanning in our
California facility.
(Your photos stay in the U.S.)

Truly the EASIEST

Ship Now. Pay Later.

Buy only the photos you want to keep. No up-front costs & no minimums.
(No need to organize before sending. We keep it easy.)


The Other Guys

They send it overseas

Overseas Scanning

They ship your photos overseas.
(Did you know where your precious images are?)

We Employ US Workers

Pay Now. No choice.

Pay up-front. Organize before sending or face charges for unwanted images.
(You're stuck.)

Spend less for more service & higher quality scans.

GoPhoto at your service!
Other Guys*
600 dpi
300 dpi
2000 dpi
2000 dpi
2000 dpi
2000 dpi

Pay after

Pay 50-100%

You choose

Delete as many
as you want

Delete only
up to 20%

Did an ad tell you 29¢ per scan for a competitor?

Check where they send your images. They go to India & won't be back for at least 8 weeks!

Did an ad tell you 18¢ for a competitor?

Read the fine print! You have to order 10,000 slide scans to get that price!

*Average US scanning prices for 500 images or fewer.

Trust GoPhoto with your precious images.

From the GoPhoto Founders

Ask the Other Guys:

Can I delete as many images as I want before I pay?

With GoPhoto you can!

Do you have unlimited online storage albums (forever) for free?

GoPhoto does!

Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

GoPhoto does!

Do you offer email notifications throughout the process?

GoPhoto does!

Can I share my images on Facebook with 1 click?

With GoPhoto you can!

Can you tell me the flat rate for shipping -- no suprises?

GoPhoto can! Just $20 roundtrip for your box via UPS for tracked shipping door-to-door.

GoPhoto Cares! Please call us with any questions.

1 (888) 873-0712

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