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Safely handling your photos is our number one priority.

Your photos never leave the U.S.A.

Shipping Box Send us your images in a sturdy shipping box. This is true whether you have only a handful of pictures or hundreds in albums. An envelope, or even a padded shipper, will not satisfactorily protect your physical originals. We provide further preparation tips on Packaging.

UPS Shipping We have partnered with UPS, a trusted name in the shipping industry. UPS has a reputation and valued track record for secure and on-time delivery of all their packages. Upon completing the GoPhoto® Order Form, our system will automatically generate a UPS order and tracking number.

Door-To-Door Tracking Because we have partnered with UPS, the location of your pictures will be tracked the entire time your package is en route, from the moment your unique bar code is first scanned, until you sign for them at your home. You will receive email notifications so that you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your package.

Safe Scanning – treating your photos like they’re our own.

USA Facility Our scanning facility is located in the United States. Unlike our competitors, once your box arrives at GoPhoto, it never leaves the United States. This reduces the number of channels through which your treasured pictures must pass and effectively minimizes the chances for loss or damage. Being US based also greatly improves the quickness with which we can process your order and return your pictures to you. Our aim is to have your pictures back at home with you before you even realize they are gone.

scanned in usa

Weigh Every Order We weigh every order as it arrives in our secure US location. This is to ensure we know exactly how many images you sent us prior to the scanning process. Once the process is complete, we weigh your box again and if the weight is off by more than a few grams, our quality assurance teams mobilize to ensure that no image is ever lost.

One Technician Our facility is designed using industry best practices in which each of our technicians has their own customer order. Secure handling is greatly improved when the fewest set of hands are involved in scanning your pictures. That’s why only one technician will be dedicated to the full processing of your order from start to finish.

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