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What’s the Story?

How We Started

hello from the founders! sean, john and stephan.After nearly 6 months of planning and executing, GoPhoto was finally launched in the summer of 2010. But how did we get there? In the midst of a recent move, one of our founders came into possession of a box of old photos and slides that hadn’t seen the light of day in many, many years. In the mix were photos of his mother on her wedding day, photos of aunts and uncles holding babies that had grandbabies by now, photos so far past that only some of the faces looked familiar, but were clearly important family moments. They needed to be shared with his family. But how?

He did a bit of research and realized just how arduous it would be to self-scan the pictures let alone figure out how to share them with family all across the country. The idea was born to combine the physical aspect of digitizing old family memories with today’s instantaneous sharing technologies.

Yep. we scan postcards too!

Mission and Values

Our company was founded on the principal of providing an excellent experience coupled with an emphasis of ease of use. Although we have a growing team of professionals, we were founded by three partners who care deeply about connecting people through their shared memories. We strive to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their experience and we will not rest until that happens... no matter what.


GoPhoto is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. With the advanced facility here, we are constantly innovating our techniques to ensure that your memories will always be safe with us and returned back with the digital copies.

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