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8mm movie film conversion

Transfer Your Home Movies in High Definition

Why should you transfer your old movies from 8mm to digital? Your movies will be viewable by the next generation on modern equipment, preserved, protected, copied, and shared.

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Why is GoPhoto the best choice to transfer your 8mm to digital?

8mm Film Cleaned by Hand

Our expert technicians check & clean each frame of your film using a professional process that removes dust & dirt.

Hi-Definition Digital Transfer

We capture film at a resolution of 1920x1080, nearly 6x the standard (720x480).

Full Frame Capture

Other companies crop your frame by as much as 20%. We digitally transfer 100% of your frame.

Frame by Frame Conversion

Many services use equipment that is as bad as taking a camera to a movie theater, which causes blurry, flickering movies. We capture every frame individually to ensure your movies look as clear as possible.

Send Your Film "As-Is"

We want to make it easy & stress-free to transfer your home movies. So just send your movies they way they are -- we'll carefully unpack, clean & care for your film.

Simple Pricing

One simple flat price, no matter if it's 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm... with or without sound. You can estimate using our calculator on the right. No need to have precise estimates, as we'll count it all as part of the full service.

Cleaned, Transferred & Cared for the in U.S.A.

Your movies are priceless & irreplaceable. Don't send them overseas. We scan your film to digital in our USA facilities.

No Up-Front Cost

Pay only when the service is complete.

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back.

Stellar Customer Service

See our testimonials.

Not Just 8mm, But Nearly All Movies

We can convert 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm movie films, all at the same easy "price per foot" for you. We also can convert VHS to DVD, and miniDV to DVD at flat-rates per tape.

What are you waiting for? Discover the joy of preserving & sharing your old 8mm film!

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How much will it cost to transfer my 8mm film to hi-def digital?
To estimate how much it will cost to preserve your old film, we need a little information. A rough estimate is fine.
Remember, this estimate isn't required to be accurate or even provided. We'll always transfer the entire film rolls for you, and will provide the final count as part of the service.
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8mm movie film conversion

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